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Introducing the AMG Heavy 4 TON GRIP & LIGHTING TRUCK

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Get a Grip Truck

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we can provide for all of your grip & electric needs anywhere in Colorado.

Ideal for any production that requires a flexible, agile, and comprehensive approach, our heavy 4-ton carries enough gear to support everything from the smallest corporate video to full indie features. With lighting from tungsten to HMIs, Quasar LEDs, Aputures, and Kinos. Support from doorway and Dana dollys to an Intel-A-Jib, the AMG grip truck is more than just grip, but it also comes with more grip gear than a standard 4-ton.

We want your production to be a success, so whatever you need to capture that shot, just let us know. If we don't have it in our stock, we can tap our vast network of resources to provide it for you. Contact us today for more information.

Take a Look inside

1.5 Ton liftgate

1-ton Lift Gate

Grip Truck Rear View
Plenty of Extra space
Matthews Taco Cart
Taco cart
Desisti 4k HMI Arri 1200s
ARRI 1200s & Desisti 4Ks
Cinemills Sufa Bullet

Cinemills Sufa Bullet

Arri 300

Arri 300s, 150, 1Ks and 650s

Matthews Doorway Dolly

Matthews Doorway Dolly

Combo Stands

Combo stands

Shiny board and Flags

Shiny board & flags

Additional Video Production Services

As a full-service production studio, we also provide high-end video and post production services. We offer camera packages ranging anywhere from a 4 camera flypack to full RED Digital Cinema packages. Visit our website for more information on how we may serve you.